Dear past and future members of Westwood Ensemble,

This Beta season there is an audition process for being a member of the ensemble and an audition and membership fee of $20. The fee will go towards our performance and rehearsal liability insurance, and concert hall rental.  The fee will entitle you to any membership discounts negotiated by me for members, such as KC Strings.  You pay the fee whether you play one or all four concerts. You are considered a member once you are accepted into the group. The fee can be paid via pay pal using the donate button at the bottom of this page, in cash at the first rehearsal, or a check made out to Westwood Ensemble. Mail checks to: 1917 West 48th Street, Westwood, KS 66205.

Your audition should be done on video or in person. If you prefer playing for me personally contact me to make arrangements.  A cell phone video is acceptable.

I hope you do not feel stressed by this process. Hearing you play will help me in music selection, seating, teaching the music and organizing rehearsals. There is no plan to eliminate players from participating and you are not expected to play perfectly.

If you plan to play the opening concert your audition should be done by Aug 15, 2018. Those who still would like to audition after Aug. 15 may do so for later concerts.

Audition requirements, in the following order:

  1. Scale, 3 octaves, no vibrato, play quarter notes, quarter note = 120, separate bows, one note to a bow.
  2. Solo of your choice; 1-2 minutes only.

Scale requirements:

  • Violin; A major
  • Viola; D major
  • Cello; D Major
  • Bass; G major

Recorded video auditions, live auditions and questions you may have should be sent to me at

Thank you,


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